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WMUC Homecoming Festivities

On Saturday, October 29, 1994, the University of Maryland will be having Homecoming weekend, so the WMUC Alumni Association is participating in the festivities. Events will start with a Tent Party before the game, continue with tickets to the game itself (featuring the Terps against Tulane), and an after-game party at Chet Rhodes' house in nearby University Park.

The tent party will be held at Denton Beach (adjacent to Byrd Stadium) starting at 11:00 a.m. until the game starts at 1:30 p.m. The menu includes hot dogs, chicken, nachos, and vegetarian dishes. The cost is $12.00 per person.

Tickets for the game itself (Maryland vs. Tulane) cost $16.00 per ticket. (Parking for the tent party and game will be free in designated lots throughout campus. Parking will be available in Lot 1 and campus parking garages for a $5.00 charge.)

After the game, there will be a party at Chet Rhodes' home at 4404 Sheridan Street, University Park (for directions, call (301) 779-8380). The cost is $6.00 per person.

We need to place our reservation for the game tickets early, so please send in your money and registration form by Wednesday, September 28th. The tickets will be mailed to you. Make checks payable to WMUC Alumni Association, and mail to: Sue Kopen, Homecoming '94, WMUC Alumni Association, P.O. Box 6404, Annapolis, MD 21401.

We hope to see you there!

WMUC Alumni Hotline

(202) 414-3188

Need to find out where the next meeting is? What the deadline is for the next newsletter? Who to contact for more information on various Alumni activities? Want to change your mailing address?

Call the WMUC Alumni Hotline at (202) 414-3188, and it's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Special thanks to WMUC Alum Ed Jones who generously donated his time to set up this voicemail service.

Interim Board of Directors Elected

An interim Board of Directors was elected, until the first official meeting when we have full corporation and non-profit organization status. Betti-Jo "BJ" Cohen was elected President; Sue Kopen Katcef was elected Treasurer; and Andrew Coile was elected Secretary.

These interim positions are expected to last less than a year.

WMUC Alumni Association Meeting Highlights

By Max Cacas

The Alumni held its last general meeting at the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, August 23rd, 1994.

Doug Harvill, with the University/Staff Liaison Committee, reported on a draft of a letter to Dr. Kerwin, the University President, stressing WMUC's value to the station's alumni, and our strong desire that the station continue in existence with the University's support. Dr. Dru Bagwell with Student Affairs is working to set up a meeting between representatives of this committee and Dr. Kerwin.

Doug Bertel says that the WMUC Liaison Committee has a list of members of the WMUC executive staff who want to participate in the proposed Mentoring Program. There was discussion among the alumni about the scope of the program, the duration, a clear definition of goals, and the possibility of having "mentoring clinics" to provide additional opportunities to students who are not part of the initial mentor program this fall.

Sue Kopen, treasurer of the Association, says that as of the meeting, the association had collected $1,587.00 from WMUC Alumni. Sue says that she hopes to have a Post Office box set up to handle Association business by the time the next meeting takes place. She also reports that WMUC Alum John Kuchno continues to work on the association acquiring non-profit tax status, and that the association needs to discuss and set some goals for future fund-raising in conjunction with this effort.

BJ Cohen, reporting for Chet Rhodes, says WMUC Executive Staff will be able to earn course credit for station work, beginning this semester. Chet also had details for the upcoming Homecoming weekend festivities (see details in this newsletter).

At WMUC, BJ Cohen reported a number of staff changes. General Manager Sondra Holmes has resigned, and Operations Manager Lawrence Rust has taken over as acting G.M. Steve Stofberg has resigned as Business Manager, and will assume the duties of Production Manager. Hash Parekh will replace Steve as Business Manager, in addition to his present job as Promotions Manager.

The next meeting of the Alumni Association will be Tuesday, September 20th, at the NAB.

Goals Update

Here is a list of the goals we have already accomplished:

Thanks to lawyer and WMUC Alum John Kuchno, the WMUC Alumni Association corporate officers are currently reviewing all necessary papers that once filed and approved will allow us to be an official non-profit tax-exempt organization. The necessary steps of establishing a bank account and getting a post office box for a mailing address have been completed.

Thanks to University of Maryland Journalism Professor and WMUC Alum Chet Rhodes, WMUC's executive staff can now receive credit for the work they perform at WMUC.

Thanks to WMUC Alum Dave Lilling and City Group, Inc. of Hyattsville, WMUC has been re-carpeted in all of the control rooms, studio areas, and the hallways between control rooms.

Thanks to WMUC Alum Doug Bertel, our Mentor program is getting off the ground. We do need folks like you to volunteer to be a mentor. To get involved, call Doug Bertel at (301) 330-8725.

WMUC Needs . . .

To donate goods, please call WMUC Acting General Manager Lawrence Rust at (301) 314-7867.

WMUC also needs engineering assistance in rewiring the clock system, going on-line, rewiring CR-3, and rewiring the board in the AM studio. If you can help, please call WMUC Chief Engineer Gil Yaker at (301) 314-7870.

New Address!

The WMUC Alumni Association has a new address. All correspondence should now be sent to:

WMUC Alumni Association, P.O. Box 6404, Annapolis, MD 21401

Directory Approaching

The WMUC Alumni Directory is composed of the information you submit on the WMUC Alumni Information Sheets (like the one enclosed with this newsletter). If for any reason you do not want to be listed in the WMUC Alumni Directory, please leave a message to that effect on the WMUC Alumni Hotline voice mail, at (202) 414-3188.

If you want to be included in the directory, even if you can't afford to make the voluntary contribution, please, please just fill out the information sheet and send it to us to be included. Getting people listed is the most important thing. If your information has changed (because you've moved, gotten married, changed jobs, etc.), please fill out another information sheet and send it to us.

If you've procrastinated filling out the information sheet, realize that the first edition of the directory will be coming out around the beginning of next year, so send us your information by December 31, 1994.

Please send comments to webmaster@wmuc.org

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