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Helping Stations 'Get the Order'

WMUC Alums Bosley and Heath

By Leslie Stimson

Since leaving the University of Maryland and WMUC, alums Rhody Bosley (RTVF '64) and Julie Heath (RTVF '80) took different career paths, but now they work together--doing audience research for commercial radio stations.

Bosley, a former Arbitron VP, Heath, former Ragan Henry VP/research, and systems analyst Marc Greenspan are partners in Research Director, Inc., where they produce sales research materials and conduct audience analysis for stations.

"We're in a good position to sell, because we know people are really using our data," says Bosley. "I tell people, 'you really don't need any of this research material. Unless, of course, you want the order. Without it, you don't know where you are, or where you're going.'"

The partners spend their time doing custom sales research, diary reviews, and compiling and selling "PD Profile," a special analysis of Arbitron data. They take raw data and compile about 50 reports for their customers, telling them about the health of the station, including the risks, opportunities for growth, what their competitors are doing, etc.

Both Heath and Bosley agree that working at WMUC gave them a solid base for their careers.

Heath worked at WMUC from 1977 to 1980. She did on-air stints for a classical show, an afternoon shift, and the Radiothon. She also worked as public service director for a couple of years. She credits WMUC for helping her make the contacts she needed to get her start in audience research. One of her professors, Dr. Joe Philport, steered her towards honors graduate courses in research while she was still an undergrad. Those led her to a professional internship at Arbitron during her last year at Maryland, and a full-time job immediately after graduation.

Heath stayed at Arbitron for seven years. She was in charge of product development and production of many of the on-line Arbitron services. She then moved on to the former WLTT (W-Lite), Washington, as research director. Then came a short stint as a research consultant with Gary Donohue of Arbitron, and finally, research director for Ragan Henry, which had more than 20 stations at the time.

About four and a half years ago Heath formed her own company, and Ragan Henry became her first customer. Marc Greenspan, now her husband, left Arbitron to work with her. They asked Bosley to work with them after he left Arbitron in 1991.

Bosley also had a varied career at WMUC and in later years. He was business manager in his junior year and station manager in his senior year at Maryland. As station manager, he helped solve a big problem at the station. The campus had grown, but the station's carrier-current transmission system hadn't. So, in 1964, the then-WMUC'ers tried to extend their signal by using a 'radiating wire' nailed to the outside of the North Hill dorms that wasn't supposed to transmit beyond 300 feet. It did improve reception. Unfortunately, all the way to the FCC monitoring station in Laurel. The monitoring station contacted the University, and suggested they shut WMUC down. The WMUC'ers put together a plan to cover the campus with new carrier-current transmitters. The Student Government Association agreed to invest the needed funds, and WMUC also carried ads to help cover the expense.

Bosley credits WMUC for putting him into a leadership role and giving him "hands-on" radio experience. After he left WMUC, he went into the Air Force for four years. There, he was an officer for radio-TV production, information and protocol. He operated a closed-circuit TV facility in Massachusetts. He later worked for a two-star general.

After leaving the Air Force in 1968, Bosley returned to the University to work on a Masters in RTVF. He also was a grad assistant in TV direction. Bosley wrote his thesis on the historical relationship between newspapers and radio. He went on to become station manager of WBAL-FM, Baltimore (now 98 Rock). Later, he managed WITH AM-FM for three years. When WITH was sold, he went to Metromedia-owned WMMR in Philadelphia as GSM.

"When I moved to Philly, my job at WITH on the FM side was taken by my boss who had been at WBAL," says Bosley. "The sales manager at WBAL became the manager at WITH, and the GSM at WMMR in Philly went to WBAL as sales manager. All of us thought we had a promotion!"

Bosley was at WMMR for four years before he went to Arbitron. There, he started as VP for national radio sales, and three months later was put in charge of the radio division when his boss left to become president of the former Birch ratings company. He was there six and a half years before going to work with Heath and Greenspan.

They're all involved in Research Director, Inc., plus their own consulting companies, Bosley and Associates and Heath-Greenspan. They work out of their homes, Bosley in Baltimore and Heath in Annapolis.


Leslie Stimson is JOUR '80, and worked at WMUC in 1979 & 1980.

Pipings from the Prez...

Ugh--It's the end of March and I'm two weeks late in getting this column to Andrew. What excuses can I offer? Hmmm. Life. That's it, life has been getting in the way. But, now as my eyes glaze over as I stare at the WMUC Alumni Association's 1995 Personal Property Return (we don't have any property, but we have to submit this form just the same), a credit application, and more "legal" forms, I'm finding myself more than eager to put my fingers to the keyboard and share a thought or two with you.

This is our forth quarterly newsletter. This means that our formative first year has come to a close. So, what have we accomplished?

Through our monthly meetings, committee meetings, and lots of individual contributions, the WMUC Alumni Association developed goals, elected officers, created committees, established relationships with the University and the students at WMUC, laid the groundwork for the implementation of a mentoring program, counseled the students through the license renewal process, established a PO Box, voicemail, and email, incorporated in the State of Maryland, became a non-profit organization, and I'm sure I forgot some things in between. Why mention all this? Because you contributed in some way, whether it was to offer advice, money, or time. For that I thank you, and I hope that you continue your support as we enter our second year.

There are two people who deserve special thanks because without them we couldn't have come as far as we have in such a short period of time. Patti Morrison of Piper and Marbury (Alum John Kuchno's law firm in Baltimore) and Sue Kopen-Katcef of WBAL and the WMUC Alumni Association. Patti is the one who held my hand and generously offered counsel through the tedious process of incorporation and obtaining non-profit status. Sue Kopen-Katcef, whom many of you know, but what you may not know is what a tremendous wealth of knowledge she has imparted toward the process of establishing this alumni association. When you see Patti and Sue I hope you'll thank them too!

There is much for us to consider. First, our leadership. Please come to our annual meeting where we will select our leadership for the coming year. Make sure your voice is heard.

Second, your involvement. I must admit, I think a lot about the "How do we get more alums involved" question. I know a big consideration for all of us is time. The family, the job, we all have commitments. However, I can assure you that there is a way for you to get involved even if it's offering advice via phone, fax, or email. Many of you said you want to write for us. I encourage you to contact Andrew directly to discuss newsletter story ideas. But, many of you haven't been real clear on what you want to do or can do. Give me a call, perhaps we can figure this out together.

Forming this alumni group has been a rewarding experience. It has brought me back to my roots while giving me the opportunity to form bonds with folks I would have never met. I hope you too will chose to be an active member. See you in April!

--BJ (WMUC '77-'81)

First Annual Meeting!

At our annual meeting on April 25 at 7:00 p.m. we'll elect our new executive board and offer brief Alumni Association updates, WMUC updates, a short video, and of course drinks and munchies!

The election of the new Executive Board will be extremely important, and nominations will be accepted from the floor (in addition to the nominations prepared by the Nominating Committee).

The meeting will be held on the University of Maryland campus, at the Nymburu Community Center, just down the hall from WMUC, at 7:00 p.m.

Please be there!

Non-profit Status

It's official! After much hard work by many people, as of February 23, 1995, the WMUC Alumni Association has been exempt from federal income tax.

Also as of that date we have also been able to accept "deductible" donations of goods and money. You will see a donation form on the previous page--here is a way to get a head-start on your charitable contributions for next year's tax season, and know that your money is going to a worthwhile cause.

To keep track of our donations and to insure that we are operating within the law we now need an accountant. Any volunteers? Call BJ at (202) 775-3510.

On The Move...

Leslie Stimson is now Associate Editor of the Radio Business Report, based in Alexandria, Virginia. She'll be covering industry news, as well as the FCC, SEC and Capitol Hill. Leslie was previously at WAMU, Voice of America, the NAB, and Minnesota Public Radio. She returned to the Washington area last September.

After a decade with Practical Micro Design as a design engineer, Andrew Coile is moving to Performance Technologies International in Annandale, Virginia, as a programmer. He will be joining another WMUC alum, Ken Thomas, developing computer-based training courses.

Send "On the Move" items to: WMUC Alumni Association, On the Move, P.O. Box 6404, Annapolis, MD.

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