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WMUC Alumni are 'on the Web'

Thank to WMUC Alumni Mike Doughney, and his company Digital Express, information about the WMUC Alumni Association is now available on the World Wide Web on the Internet. The WMUC Home Page is at "http://www.access. digex.net/~wmuc".

The Home Page features copies of the WMUC Alumni Newsletter in electronic form, as well as information about the location and directions to upcoming meetings, the current Board of Directors, contributors, the Jobs Available/Jobs Wanted, as well as a link to the WMUC Radio home page maintained by the students.

There are plans to expand our Web presence, and include an Alumni Gallery, with pictures and brief bios of alumni (so you are encouraged to submit yours), and to upgrade to electronic forms, so that future alumni will be able to fill out the WMUC Alumni Information Form on-line to submit their information.

We value all the suggestions and comments received, so please feel free to send them to 72267.403@compuserve.com (this address is also listed on the Home Page).

Welcome to the '90s!

MUC Alums announce "De-MUC-a-Thon"

You can party while you clean at the first annual De-MUC-a-thon. It promises to be a great way to socialize while sprucing up WMUC.

The cleaning party will be held on Sunday, August 27, 1995, from 11:00 a.m. until it's clean. We need cleaning supplies, equipment, and most of all your muscle! We'll provide the food and drink. Get involved, call Gary Allentuck at (202) 628-1389.

Rhodes' To Host Homecoming Festivities

As Chet said "I want to do this party again so I can get it right this time." So, we are very happy to announce that Beth and Chet Rhodes have once again volunteered their house for this year's Homecoming party.

The party will immediately follow the MD vs. Clemson game on Saturday, October 21. Set that date aside now and look for more details in the next edition of this newsletter. (Editor's note: No one knows what Chet means by "get it right;" it was a fun gathering, one that promises to be just as good this year.)

Fall Semester debut set for Mentoring Program

We're proud to announce that the much talked about WMUC Mentoring Program will get off the ground this September. The program, lead by WMUC Alum Dave Goldman, pairs WMUC alums with WMUC executive staff members.

We have matched WMUC's Operations Manager Melissa Rowell with NPR's Max Cacas, WMUC's AM Program Director Giselle Goicochea with WWDC's Shryl Whigham, just to name a few.

We are in need of additional mentors, especially those with management and technical backgrounds. If you are available via e:mail or the phone, you can volunteer to help. For more information, call Dave Goldman at (301) 474-0383.

Are You Going To The NAB Radio Show?

We want to know if you are traveling to the NAB Radio Show, September 6-9, in New Orleans. If so, let's get together. Call BJ Cohen at the NAB, (202) 775-3510.

Presidential Ponderings...

How long will it be before the Enquirer runs the Goldman/Simpson autopsy photos? How much will the "bound-to-happen" last original juror make off their book deal? What exactly are these "corporate subsidies" Clinton wants to cut from the budget? And, how do I apply for them before they go away? Oh, not those kind of ponderings.

What I really want to share with you is that Doug Bertel is moving to Philly to manage a station (yeah Dougie B!). That means that Dave Goldman will be coordinating our Mentoring program. The goal here is to get this off the ground come the fall semester. How can you help? Tell me that you have an inside track on those corporate subsidies. I mean tell me that you'll be a mentor. It involves being available via the phone and for a limited number of in-face meetings. Call Dave Goldman for details at (301) 474-0383.

It was a real treat seeing so many faces at our annual meeting. Even Dru Bagwell was there! A special thanks to Beth Rhodes for securing the meeting location and getting Chet to schlep the 6 foot sub up 3 flights of stairs to the Nymburu Cultural Center!

I want to see you at our next meeting (out-of-town MUC'ers are excused)!

--BJ (WMUC '77-'81)
(202) 775-3510

P.S. Alright, I'm guilty. In fact, I'm not setting a very good example right now. You see it has been over a year since I've written a check to to the WMUC Alumni Association. How about you, has it been awhile? How about we make a pact. Let's send in our contributions together. Let's do it now. No questions asked. (And it's tax-deductible!)

Dave Lilling named Chair

Dave Lilling, WMUC alumni and president of Metro Teleproductions, has been named our association's Improvements Advisory Committee Chair.

This newly formed position will liaison with the Alumni Association, WMUC, and the University on any physical improvements made to WMUC.

Lilling is now hard at work with WMUC Alumni Sandy Garner and her husband ( WTOP/WASH Chief Engineer) Dave Garner on testing an AM low-power broadcast antenna system. Should this prove successful, WMUC-AM could abandon its present carrier current system in favor of a limited over-the-air signal.

Set for mid to late August, Dave will need assistance during this antenna test. You need not have a technical background to help out _ we need bodies and we need walkie-talkies! Call Dave Lilling for more information at (301) 608-9077.

Highlights from the first Annual Meeting!

Elections were held, and BJ Cohen became our first elected President; Doug Harvill, Vice-President; Larry Pollack, Treasurer; and Sue Kopen Katcef, Secretary.

Melissa Rowell presented a 10-minute video on WMUC produced with the assistance of Dave Lilling's Metro Teleproductions.

The WMUC Sterling Awards were then presented to Patti Morrison of Piper & Marbury for her help on the Alumni Association becoming incorporated and achieving IRS 501(c)3 status; Sue Kopen Katcef for her work on Alumni Reunions and other related events over the years, as well as her outstanding work this past year; and Dana Sears, a student at WMUC who demonstrated the level of interest and commitment that we want to encourage and reward.

We then mingled and destroyed the 6' sub.

BJ Cohen & Larry Pollack

Betti-Jo Cohen, President, and Larry Pollack, Treasurer.

Rob Mapou, Dru Bagwell, Mike Doughney, & Andrew Coile

Rob Mapou, Dru Bagwell, Mike Doughney, and Andrew Coile.

Dave Goldman, Doug Bertel, & Joe Balintfy

Dave Goldman, Doug Bertel, and Joe Balintfy.

Tom Yeager & Mark Bejarano

Tom Yeager and Mark Bejarano.

Gil Yaker & Melissa Rowell

Gil Yaker, WMUC G.M., and Melissa Rowell, Operations Manager.

Lawrence Rust & Max Cacas

Lawrence Rust, former WMUC G.M., and Max Cacas.

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