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AM Antenna Project

After conducting a series of tests, it was determined that any antenna erected on campus would only be permitted to emit 2-watts of power. This would mean that the station would be audible only up to a few hundred feet from the antenna.

This finding meant that, at least for the short term, the present carrier-current system would have to be maintained to ensure WMUC-AM's survival. Alumni Mike Doughney and WMUC Chief Engineer Mark Burdett responded quickly by assessing the capability of the present carrier-current system. They reported that several transmitters needed to be repaired, and in some cases some had to simply be rewired. They also found that the SCA, which feeds Leonardtown, had been turned down. After some minor adjustments and with the repair of the transmitters, WMUC-AM is expected to be operating at full capacity within 4-6 weeks.

Other Means of Exposure

We are exploring other ways to get WMUC heard both on and off campus including making use of the UM soon-to-be-introduced cable system and the Internet. The cable system is expected to be up and running within six months. This means that every dorm room (and classroom) will be cable ready. We are presently lobbying to have WMUC on several of the available channels. We are also working on cybercasting WMUC. But to reach that goal, WMUC needs a 486/33 computer with soundcard. Donations are encouraged. If you can help, call Mark Burdett at (301) 314-7867.

WTOP's Jaime Bragg Scholarship and WMUC

Many of you may have read that WTOP has set up a scholarship to honor long-time reporter Jaime Bragg. Organized through the UM's Journalism School, it was a twist of fate that brought this money WMUC's way. Now WMUC's News Director and Assistant News Director will receive scholarships for their work at the stations. The director will receive $1500.00 and the assistant $500.00. This development has lead many an alumni to think "let's set up a similar plan for other executive positions at the station." If your company or station is interested, contact BJ Cohen at (202) 775-3510 or bcohen@nab.org.

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