WMUC Alumni Association, Inc.


Discusses the AM Antenna Project; the WTOP Jaime Bragg Scholarship; and ways to get exposure for WMUC.

Discusses this Web page; the De-MUC-a-Thon; the Mentoring Program getting off the ground; preliminary news about Homecoming; Presidential Ponderings; Dave Lilling named Improvements Advisory Chair; and an article and pictures from our first Annual Meeting.

Contains an article about two WMUC alums from different eras who now have a company together; notes from the President of the WMUC Alumni Association; first Annual Meeting; non-profit status; On The Move; announcement of the Alumni Directory; and a Financial Statement.

Then and Now (about two WMUC alums who marry 34 years after they met at the station); meeting minutes; pursuing non-profit status; nominations sought for the Board of Directors; how to donate to the station through the University's Annual Fund Drive; the new WMUC Executive Staff; On The Move; see Greaseman while in L.A.; the Alumni Directory, and a report on the Homecoming Reunion.

Articles include the plans for a Homecoming Reunion; election of an interim Board of Directors; goals already accomplished; meeting minutes; new mailing address; WMUC donation needs list; and the plans for an Alumni Directory.

The first newsletter. Articles discuss the committee structures, goals for the group, and how the organization will interact with the University and the students.
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