WMUC Alumni Association, Inc.

Board of Directors


WMUC is the oldest college radio station in the United States. Founded in 1937 at the University of Maryland in College Park, WMUC consists of the original Carrier-Current AM station (heard in the dorms, dining halls, and the student union) at 650 KHz, and a 10-watt FM station that started in August of 1979 at 88.1 Mhz

In 1994, the WMUC Alumni got formally organized (reunions had been held informally for years), and formed the WMUC Alumni Association, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose goal is networking among the alumni, assisting (both through mentoring and financially) the students currently at the stations, and assisting the University in having a vibrant, vital training ground for broadcasting that also serves the student population and general community.


WMUC Alumni include such people as Connie Chung (formerly of CBS), Lisa Barrow of MPT, Dan Noyes of KGO-TV in San Francisco, and many, many more at ABC, NBC, CBS, Mutual, CNN, and hundreds of radio stations across the country.

Board of Directors


Betti-Jo "BJ" Cohen
(202) 244-6340


Doug Harvill
(703) 802-1479


Larry Pollack
(703) 256-6769



We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the following WMUC alumni who have kindly answered our call and generously given to help us get started. There are many costs associated with beginning an organization such as this, such as mailing, filing fees, etc. We are grateful to those who have given so far. We have done our best to maintain an accurate list of those who have donated. If your name does not appear on this list and you have given, please call the WMUC Hotline voicemail number to let us know.

Gary Allentuck                 Alex Likowski
Pat Anastasi Dave Lilling
Janet Bass Lisa Loewy
Mark A. Bejarano Rob Mapou
Douglas R. Bertelmann Frank Marra
Rhody Alexander Bosley Marjorie L. Martin
Pat Breslin Steve Mazurowski
Bill Bronrott Andrew Monaco
Vince Bruce Keith Moore
Kim Burton Caryn Eve Murray
Max Cacas Carl W. Nathe
Timothy Carroll J. Michael Nicholson
Betti-Jo (BJ) Cohen Darryl Eugene Nixon
Andrew C. M. Coile Matthew (Matt) Noble
Paul Courson Dan Noyes
Mike Collins John J. Peake
Ken Crowley Herb Perone
Peter Doherty Larry Pollack
Joan Doniger Chet Rhodes
Peter B. Ferrara, Jr. Sandra Sollod Poster
John Charles Ford Craig Roberts
Erik M. Foreman Jimmy Roberts
Richard Friedel Patricia Ryan-Robertson
Sandy Garner Oscar Rodriguez
David Goldman Andy Sabin
Gail (Svensson) Graff Kenneth David Sandler
Dan Greenstein Bill Scanlan
Maynard Grossman William Anthony Seaby, Jr.
John Hartge Richard L. Sher
Doug Harvill John E.V. Sorensen
Julie Heath Tova Churgin Stein
Rich Hodge Leslie Paula Stimson
John Jacobs Joe Tolleson
Edward M. Jones, Jr. Joe Townley
Sue Kopen Katcef Bill Vanko
Lew "Loo" Katz Jackie Bielski Walls
Jay Kernis Dave Walter
Cathy Ponton King Douglas Weinstein
John and Vicki Kuchno Tom Yeager
Frederick Landau Frank Zappala

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